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            Kuaierjie Logistics Co., Ltd. was founded in November 2004, located in China --- Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park. East China is one to warehousing services, transport of dangerous goods, refrigerated, handling and distribution business based, international cargo, motor transport, air transport agents, terminal distribution, supply chain management, logistics and consulting for the integrated third-party logistics.
           The company has fine distinctions management team, professional operation management systems and well-trained team of high-quality operation, effectively ensuring the high standard of business operations; senior logistics experts, to ensure the feasibility of customer logistics solutions, professional and unique nature; Beidou monitoring scheduling system, all vehicles are equipped with global Positioning System , geographic information system  technology, vehicle operating satellite monitoring, safety and reliability; Cross-regional business, networking, information, intelligence, supply chain management capabilities of integrated logistics company covering the whole country; advanced management system, management philosophy, effectively leading the integration of resources and cost control, to effectively reduce operating costs, improve efficiency, to achieve the company, customer "win-win" situation.
            In order to further the integration of market resources, to strengthen the brand image of the Yangtze River Delta dangerous goods transport, we will further develop the Yangtze River Delta as the center of the country, in cities of radiation Dangerous Goods Logistics trunk network and regional terminal network, formed a complete hazard goods Logistics network.
            Our company has established a comprehensive third-party logistics system, a few years rob Seizing an opportunity, bold vision and courage, hard work, advancing with the times, the courage to resolve to create a doubling of output in recent years, long climb efficiency in recent years, successive optimization service , enhanced strength year after year, it is a large-scale, well-equipped, scientific management, first-class service, the most competitive of modern logistics enterprises. Real time to provide accurate and efficient information services, reduce your cost of sales to enhance your competitiveness, a personal tracking during the transport of goods, the person feedback, 24 hours a day for your dedicated service, is your faithful strategic partner. Fast, convenient, safe and punctual one-stop service to make your business more competitive in the market competition.
            Kuaierjie Logistics adhering to the "integrity-based, fast-win" business principles to the scientific management position means to high-quality personnel for the cornerstone of the international logistics service system as the basis, to the traditional transport agency business based on careful construction of modern science and technology to support the logistics operating platform, and strive to enlarge and strengthen the integrated logistics service system, to maximize the value of our clients achieve erection of security, convenient green channel.
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