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          "People's Republic of China Solid Waste Pollution Prevention Law" Article 60 stipulates that "transport of hazardous waste must adopt measures to prevent environmental pollution and to comply with state regulations concerning the transportation of hazardous goods"; second, "Medical Waste Management Regulations" sixth article, "medical waste disposal units transporting medical waste shall comply with the road transport of dangerous goods regulations." Thus, hazardous waste, medical waste should comply with road transport "Road Transport of Dangerous Goods Regulations", the "road transport operators permit" shall be approved business scope is: hazardous waste, medical waste. Hazardous waste, medical waste road transport drivers, escorts, handling managers should obtain the appropriate qualifications for road transport of dangerous goods.

           Kuaierjie Logistics Co., Ltd. has road transport permits "hazardous waste, medical waste" qualification, hazardous waste transportation models complete, as specified in the Suzhou and many EPA hazardous waste disposal in the field of environmental protection enterprises have a strategic partnership. Our philosophy is to help enterprises solve the problem of the disposal of hazardous waste, the mountains contribute to make a socially responsible logistics enterprises.


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