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    Kuaierjie Logistics is a professional low-temperature cold-chain logistics company, in the years of low temperature cold chain logistics business development process, starting from scratch and gradual progress, with the storage, transportation, distribution and other integrated multi-function integrated services area, and for the provide comprehensive logistics solutions and specialized cryogenic cold chain logistics services to customers. To achieve the best service at the same time to create value for customers in different industries to meet customer demand, low temperature cold chain service network and information service network, customers can rely on their own resources to ensure that 100% of the low temperature throughout the cold chain contr

    Kuaierjie Logistics is committed to building China's first brand cold chain, the business scope of the radiation-tier cities, part of the second and third tier cities, involving food, supermarkets, restaurants, hospitals, electronics and other low demand for logistics services industry, was recognized partners and build the alliance.

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