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    Heavy transport

         Suzhou area as large transport service provider, my company has a large flat-vehicle resources between 20-300 tons ranging from more than 20 units, and the successful operation in Suzhou region many large equipment, imports of construction machinery, machinery equipment, containers and "construction machine" has a very good transport channels and operational experience, and a unique approach and regulatory advantages in large transport vehicle transport. So as to transport your large equipment, providing a complete one-stop service, we have a good reputation, professional focus on the spirit of the principle, to open up our market share special transport workflow: goods Miaoxu -. > Mail / Fax reservation -> cargo site investigation / unloading land surveying -> formal signing of the contract ---> Prepay ---> Transport exercise route survey -> Provide transportation programs ---> large transportation ---> Factory (site) sign(A) the achievements.
    Large transport project
        Kuaierjie Logistics Logistics is fast and second services, service scope Crawler / tire construction machinery, such as crawler cranes, excavators, tire cranes, bulldozers, loaders, etc.
    joint sea-and-rail transportation

       Over the years we have engaged in major pieces of road transport in the field, has been the praise of the guests, with the extension of the logistics chain, we are major pieces of the import and export sectors, the guests for the entire maritime transport services, as well as to Hong Kong customs and highways transport! Thus our logistics chain more industrialization, personalized.

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