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         Suzhou Kuaierjie Logistics undertake all types of transport of dangerous goods. Strength in Suzhou dangerous goods transport company in the forefront, the transport of dangerous goods transport vehicles have qualification certificates, and another group of professional management of dangerous goods operators do strong backing, the company running the past few years by the major dangerous goods, paint manufacturers, customers trust and praise。

         With many years of market development and improve the service network, it change the dangerous high transport costs, the situation of a single mode of transport, dangerous goods transport optimization solutions for customers to reduce the cost of transport of dangerous goods, to ensure that service levels。
    The main mode of transport and service area:
    Vehicle transport of dangerous goods around the country
    East China, south China to the country stowage transport
    Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, the main transport of dangerous goods
    East China, North China LTL transport of dangerous goods
    Pearl River Delta region and distribution of dangerous goods

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