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    2015 National Day holiday notification letter


    2015 National Day holiday notification letter


    Dear customers:
          National Day is approaching, we leave in accordance with national regulations seven days; to ensure the transport of goods of all customers affected, easy to transport ahead of schedule, I will now leave related matters published as follows:
          First, the holiday time:
    October 1 --- October 7, October 8 return to work.
          Second, the duty arrangements:


          During the holiday, October 1 --- October 3 unattended,
          October 4 --- October 7 we will arrange a few people on duty:
          Operation Department: 0512-62995372 / 6287092,7  15850009008 Yi Lu 
        18662187261  18912638537 Jun Zhang
          Customer Service Department: 0512-62995371 / 62990761  13382178657 Xia Li
         Total vacation duty chiefMr. Zha 13306218657


         Third, transport arrangements:
         During the holidays can arrange car or LTL delivery business, but the day before the holiday and is expected to be issued after a delay to go to work or holiday delivery shipments and LTL business during arrival, arrival time and therefore postponed. If you have special needs can contact our business related to operational staff.
         As the above arrangement in your inconvenience, please understand! THX!


         Wish you Happy National Day!


                                                                           Kuaierjie Logistics Co., Ltd.


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