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    2015 Mid-Autumn Festival holiday notification letter


    Dear customers:
           2015 On the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, we have the honor to extend holiday greetings to all customers: business is booming, making plenty of money!
          To ensure that all the needs of customers in the production and sales during theMid-Autumn Festival is not affected, and to facilitate the company's scheduling and make the appropriate arrangements, hereby inform our 2015 Mid-Autumn Festival holidayrelated matters:


         First, the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday period: Year 2015 September 26 to 27, a total of two days.

          Second, the duty arrangements:
               Operation Department: 0512-62870927                   Mobile: 13375190027 TingJianPan
               Customer Service Department: 0512-62995371     Mobile: 13382178657 Xia Li
          Third, transport arrangements:
          During the holidays can arrange car or LTL delivery business, but the arrival timeLTL business expected to be delayed 1-3 days.

         The above arrangement inconvenience to you, please understand!
          Wish you  Mid-Autumn Festival family reunion!

                                                                                                                                                                          Kuaierjie    Logistics Co., Ltd.         


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