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                Concentric go the same way, to create Kuaierjie Logistics gold in September!

                     Today is the Gregorian calendar beginning September 1, 2016, but also many new policies and regulations came into effect, it is indeed affect the body's primary and secondary schools nationwide day of the new school, in the morning I believe most have been sent to parents children on the way to school. For the logistics industry, with the arrival of a small holiday Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day holiday, in September will be the busiest month! On this opportunity, Jiangsu Kuaierjie Logistics Limited,  this morning held a company-wide morning meeting at the company headquarters, at which company chairman Yan Song Zha told a four-point important elements:
                First, the full sales under the national macro-economic level has been downward pressure on the larger reality, the enterprise level is reflected in the decline in performance, profits plummeted. Business owners should establish everyone is a salesman, and positive action! ! !
                Second, Qi concentric concentric go the same way, the road cut through metal. A person's strength is no match for the power of another big crowd, the heart to make one, only greater efficiency!
                Third, to enhance the self-image of their own image but also pay attention to respect for others, a man good manners, a positive image is bound to bring positive energy!
                Fourth, improve service quality as the tertiary industry services, the customer is God, good service is our core product!

                     With the same time, the marketing center manager Lee Kum Bi, Han Fei administrative center manager has done a wonderful speech, we have only one thrust to positive attitude, good attitude sprint September, the arrival of the National Day!

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