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                Logistics industry revitalization plan to encourage enterprises logistics outsourcing:

                Economic Observer OnlinereporterLiu Weixun Although the logistics industry revitalization plan the specific content has not been announced, but the plan has made it clear that will encourage manufacturing and business enterprises peeling or outsourced logistics, freeing demand, promote the interactive development of logistics enterprises and production, business enterprises.

                  Involved in the logistics industry revitalization plan, preliminary work China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing Chief Advisor, former Executive Vice President Ding made March 8 said on this site, the revitalization plan's "nine key project", "Manufacturing and Logistics industry linkage development project "the focus is to develop preferential policies to encourage manufacturing and commercial enterprises logistics outsourcing to a professional logistics company.However, only the framework plan proposed content, specific details remain to be relevant government departments and introduce.
                Junfa Ding made at Beijing Jiaotong University, held the same day, "National Chiao Tung University Auditorium - Industrial Economics Frontier and Hot Talk" to this site after the meeting made the above statements. 69-year-old Ding made the industry as China's logistics industry, "chief salesman," he began to participate in the study from 2006, "Eleventh Five-Year" special plan for the logistics industry development work, led the drafting of the first draft of its plan after several modifications, become logistics industry restructuring and revitalization plan of the foundation. February 25th, the State Council executive meeting examined and approved in principle the logistics industry restructuring and revitalization plan.
                  Delineation of the top ten at the State Department in the revitalization of industry, the logistics industry substituted high voice of the real estate industry, was included at the last moment the revitalization plan. Meanwhile, the logistics industry is the top ten industries, only one productive service industry, the other nine are all manufacturing industries.
                  In 2008, as the global financial crisis intensified, and China's economic slowdown, China's logistics industry is also showing a slowdown in the trend of weak demand. Na tional Development and Reform Commission, the National Bureau of Statistics, China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing released on March 6, "the 2008 national logistics operation briefing" show that last year China's logistics demand growth has slowed down, the main economic indicators yoy logistics are different degrees of down.
                  In 2008, the country's total social logistics 89.9 trillion yuan, an increase of 19.5%, growth rate down 6.7 percentage points compared to 2007. National social logistics total cost of 5.4542 trillion yuan, an increase of 16.2%, growth rate down 4.4 percentage points compared to 2007. From the composition of the total social logistics costs, the transport costs of 2.8669 trillion yuan, an increase of 13.2%, growth rate down 6.4 percentage points compared to 2007. Total logistics costs accounted for 52.6%, down 1.8 percentage points compared with 2007. Transportation costs and a decline in the growth rate decreased total logistics cost proportion, reflecting a decrease in demand for logistics.
                  Demand for the release, was considered a primary task to promote the development of the logistics industry. Manufacturing and trade enterprises will outsource logistics operations is an effective means of expanding logistics needs. Previously, a number of manufacturers in order to save costs, originally outsourced logistics operations to its own operation, in fact, forced to rise indirect costs, and reduce the quality and efficiency of social logistics system.
                  China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, Vice Secretary-General and Policy Research Office Dengcai He said manufacturers should put their own logistics business integration separated or outsourced, can not only promote the development of the logistics industry itself, but also conducive to industrial upgrading in the manufacturing sector itself.
                  Ding made the recommendations, in order to encourage enterprises to outsource logistics operations, the relevant departments should dispose of the vehicle, warehouse revitalize, and other aspects of the introduction of tax incentives. Meanwhile, the state department in charge of the logistics industry should be clear, increase support for the development of the logistics industry.
                Previously, the State Council in 2005 approved the establishment of a "national modern logistics inter-ministerial joint conference" by the Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Railways, Ministry of Communications and other 15 ministries and associations. This mechanism focuses on coordinating the logistics industry development of the major issues in the implementation of the revitalization plan, promote development of the industry, Ding made proposals should clearly take the lead propelled by a competent ministries.
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