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                Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice

                Dear Customer:

                     Traditional annual Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, and the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, the value of the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, we send all our colleagues in the Dragon Boat Festival blessings to you, and wish the king a happy Dragon Boat Festival ,Working smoothly! Now inform the Dragon Boat Festival holiday period as follows:
                rst, the holiday schedule:
                 1 2010, June 14th to June 16th.
                 2, June 12nd Saturday, June 13rd Sunday to work properly, rest raised on June 14th, June 15th break.
                 Second, the duty arrangements: 1, June 14, on the 15th, the 16th, as the actual working conditions arrangements, I arranged some people on duty. 2, vacation duty phone: 0512--62995372 62807898
                Wish you: Happy Dragon Boat Festival!
                                                   Kuaierjie Logistics Co., Ltd.
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