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                2010 Qingming Festival holiday notification letter

                Dear customers and regional agents:

                    Qingming Festival is a traditional Chinese festival is the most important festival of sacrifice, Ching Ming grave worship, is several thousand years of Chinese ethnic customs, it is national intelligence, an expression of affection constantly continuation.
                Our three days in accordance with the provisions of vacation; transport of goods to all customers affected, easy to transport ahead of schedule; now I leave related matters published as follows:
                First, the holiday time:
                April 3 (Saturday) normal rest
                April 4 (Sunday) normal rest
                April 5 (Monday) day off
                Second, the duty matters:
                April 3 duty charge: Yao Jun
                 Tel: 15862454546
                 April 4th duty charge:  Yonghong Song
                 Tel: 13375190024
                 April 5 duty chief: Kui Qian
                 Tel: 18915583037
                 Ouyang Kai Manager: Total vacation duty chief 13338653408
                Urgent business needs Contact: Yansong Zha, general manager : 13306218657  13771916288
                                                   Kuaierjie Logistics Co., Ltd.
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                Customer Service Hotline
                400-828-3177 service
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